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Intuitive Empowerment / Soul Realignment

  • Uncover who you are at Soul level through the Akashic Records
  • Understand Your True Gifts and Purpose through your Divine Soul Blueprint
  • Discover Ways to Heal and Break Free from What's Holding You Back through Soul Realignment

I am ready to assist you in aligning with your highest path and purpose.

I offer Soul Blueprint Readings, Soul Realignment™ Readings and Clearings, Manifest Blueprint Readings, Intuitive Empowerment Coaching Sessions and Packages, Property Clearing, and Intuitive Guidance.

Jill Alman-Bernstein

My Story

A nine year old girl sits in a circle of friends, the Florida sun shines brightly on the deck of playing cards spread before her. She picks up a card and stares at the ornately decorated back, and declares with glee, "Four of Spades." She picks up another card, stares at its back, and says, “Jack of Diamonds." She picks up another, and another, and another… showing her friends how she "knows" what each card is without looking at it face up.

That’s how it really began for me. I was that girl. I began to recognize the "knowing."

I was still in elementary school when I combed the library for Edgar Cayce books, voraciously reading, hungering for answers, for understanding. Then there was the ouija board, followed by past life regressions at the young age of only seventeen. In my early twenties "The book of I Ching" sat on my night stand, a close friend would read Tarot cards, and I tried on a few psychics.

When I had to choose the birth dates of my three children, who were all scheduled caesarian section births, I enlisted who would become known as my psychic advisors - psychics, astrologers and numerologists. I remember the astrologer telling me in one of my yearly readings around my birthday that I was a lightworker. I had absolutely no idea what a lightworker was, what it meant, or what I was supposed to do.

The "knowing" and my ability to see things, feel things, and hear things began to sharpen. After our family dog got hit by a car, I kept seeing him, hearing him, and noticed indentations on floor pillows and my bed. I watched my grandmother’s spirit ascend and saw my grandfather’s spirit descend to her, he was reaching his hand down to pull her towards him. Vibrations, like racing pins and needles, ran up and down my body, the center of my chest would suddenly explode with intense heat, and I would burst into tears. I watched my father’s spirit walk into the clouds, and be greeted by his US Navy fighter squadron. And then there were the spirits that found me to bring messages to their loved ones. I was an antennae - energetically open to receive and deliver their urgent words.

I had no choice but to step in. I read, studied, listened to, and worked with energy healers, intuitives, psychics, angel therapists, tarot and oracle card readers. I had my Akashic Records read several times, all the while looking for answers, for my purpose, my path, my role as that lightworker I was meant to be.

There has always been a strong connection to my angels, which was deepened by taking an Angel Connection Course, which led to a Master Class on Tarot and Oracle Card Reading, all of which opened the door to learning the Akashic Records and becoming a Soul Realignment Level One Certified Practitioner.

It is the intersection of intuition, empowerment, and transformation that drives me forward to do this work - to guide and help others on their journey.

I am but a humble lightworker, at your service, in light and love.


Jill Alman-Bernstein

Soul Realignment

You are the powerful creator of your life experience.

Soul Realignment is an intuitive healing modality that utilizes the Akashic Records to unlock your Soul-level potential.

The Akashic Records, or the “Book of Life”, is an energetic history of your soul, it’s complete journey. It holds every deed, thought, feeling, and action from each lifetime you have incarnated. Each set of records is made up of two distinct parts: the energetic blueprint of the soul outlining divine potential, and then the catalogue of lifetimes experienced.

As a Soul Realignment Practitioner, I look at your energetic Divine Soul Blueprint - who you are at soul level: your divine soul nature, your essence, gifts, and talents. Then I look at and clear the karmic patterns being held at soul level - the choices your soul has made in past lives and in this life that are showing up as blocks and restrictions for you.

Your private Soul Realignment Reading with me is designed to help you:

  • Clear karmic patterns, blocks, and restrictions that are being held at soul level and are affecting your life choices and direction
  • Uncover, understand, and express your divine gifts and soul purpose
  • Develop options for making decisions and choices that are in alignment with who you are at soul level
  • Get attuned to new possibilities of action that will bring you fulfillment, joy, and transformation
  • Understand yourself for optimum manifesting to begin to live the life you truly desire

Intuitive Empowerment

It’s all about empowerment, action, and transformation.

What does it mean to be empowered?

It means claiming authority for your life with clarity, confidence, and courage. Emancipate yourself from your fears and limitations, from the patterns of beliefs and behaviors that have blocked you from being who it is you are meant to be.

It is time to reframe your life!

Sessions are intuitively guided using the Akashic Records, as well as Tarot, Angel, and Oracle Cards. Strategies to move energy and clear blocks include conscious breath, voice, and movement exercises, mindfulness and meditation, affirmations, intentions, and cord cutting.

Work With Me

Divine self expression doesn’t just happen. We have to choose it.

When we make a small shift, when we make a new choice that is congruent to our divine self expression - who we are at soul level, we immediately witness abundance in one area of our life.

Divine Soul Blueprint Reading: $70

Who you are at Soul level. Information and understanding about your divine nature, gifts, and talents. Insight will provide you with the opportunity to see and make new choices that are congruent to your foundational blueprint, allowing you to more fully live your divine self expression (who you are at soul level.)

Includes my preparation work in the Akashic Records and a 45 minute reading and consultation.

Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing: $177

Divine Soul Blueprint, overall Soul Profile, identify and communicate Past and present life karma patterns creating blocks and restrictions, clear all negatives held at soul level.

Includes my preparation work in the Akashic Records, a 90 minute reading
and consultation, “Homework” as part of the clearing process, and a 30
minute Follow Up call.

Manifest Blueprint Reading: $88

(available after Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing)
Blueprint roadmap of how you are designed to manifest, and how you actually are experiencing and expressing yourself in the various aspects and areas of your life.

Includes preparation of your blueprint and a 60 minute reading and consultation.

Intuitive Empowerment Session: $111

Intuitive guidance to enlighten and empower.

Initial session, 75 minutes.

Intuitive Empowerment Coaching Package: $385

4 60 minute sessions of guidance to help you stay aligned and on track with your gifts, purpose, and goals.

Property Clearing: $44

Clearing of land and dwelling; can only be performed if you rent or own the property.

Instructions for your part in the clearing will be e-mailed to you.

Follow Up Session: $59

45 minute call to clarify information from any reading or session.

* All sessions are done via telephone or skype.
   To book a session or reading, please e-mail me at or use the contact form below.

Intuitive Coaching for Writers

The essence of writing is to delve into the unknown, illuminate a new path of thought, and reflect the world you see - whether it is imagined or real.

The most important thing I can inspire you to achieve is to trust yourself and have the confidence in your ability to write with fluidity and perspective. Whether you are a novice or seasoned writer, or somewhere in between, I can help you discover your voice, write with your own personal and unique character, organize and structure your project, and stay on track.

Packages based on project and individual needs.

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