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Anchoring Your Soul

There has been much talk lately about passion.  Passion is what drives us –compelling us to live fully and on purpose.  Most of us have some idea of what we want to be when we grow up.  From a tender age, we imagine ourselves as adults having some role in the world.  Many a young boy dreamed of being a fireman, a fisherman, or a doctor; many a young girl longed to be an actress, a dancer, or a mother.  Over our development from children to young adults, we refine those images – we start to examine our likes and interests, our strengths and challenges, and what makes our hearts sing.  We start to formulate not just what we want to be, but who.  We follow that thread, as if it was a serpentine string to a surprise box centerpiece.  Our path winds as a river rushes and then gently flows.  We have a multitude of experiences – on a multitude of levels. Our senses of the world inform us of the complexity of it all, and yet we understand its simplicity too.  And we make our mark.  We are following our passion.  We are in love with what we are creating for ourselves.  And that passion fuels more dedication and then more enjoyment.  What a fortunate life we live!

What I have been hearing and reading about, and feeling myself too, is the idea that we have untethered passion.  Having been reading Michael Singer’s “Untethered Soul”, the idea of being in an “untethered” state is interesting when looked at in the context of passion.  We require anchors – we need homes, jobs, relationships, love…. All of those provide a degree of stability and a place where we can be ourselves and nourish those parts of us that flourish when given attention to.  But what happens when those pieces of our foundation begin to float away from our core.  Sometimes they float far enough away that they are hard to retrieve…or we don’t want to retrieve them…. we are ready to give up that part of us.  Sometimes they float off and we forget about them – a younger part or version of us perhaps.  Sometimes they are pushed back by an event or person, reminding us of who we use to be, and who we dreamed we’d be.

Aspects of our life have to be grounded.  Think of a tree and how it roots in to the ground.  And from there it grows with strength and beauty.  Our passion must be rooted in us.  It is with confidence and self-assuredness that the flame sparks.  We have to know who we are and believe in ourselves.  But sometimes we are lost, and so we look outward – we seek something to bring that feeling back.  This untethered passion now creates an emotional disturbance.  We are thrown off our course.  There is nothing anchoring us and we are drifting, searching, desperate to find the thing that will make us feel whole.  Maybe it is our job that we want to change, or where we live, maybe we take up a new hobby, or a new relationship.  We are searching in all the wrong places. The trick is to shift that search for it back to our self.  Find our center – our foundation – our roots, and let the passion grow from there.

Many of us have real difficulty with this because when we lose our sense of self, it is virtually impossible for us to be able to get back to our core without a catalyst of some sort.  And it is those catalysts that can make life more interesting, exciting, allowing us to feel more alive and radiate that wonderful energy that we identify with happiness.

There are many pathways back to our true selves.  Many of us have found that meditation and yoga provide us with the channel to our hearts and souls.  Playing music, dancing, any form of exercise that puts you in that “zone” where we can hear the beat of our own heart, and feel the current of our blood moving through our being.  Writing, painting, some form of creative expression… being in nature, using imagery to tap into memories of a time where we knew our essence…. all are viable routes to finding our true essence and passion in life.

Like that flow of the river surrounded and held by its banks and floor, we too learn to embody our waters.  We must dive deep to set our anchors, and make sure that our ropes are strong and sure. We must root firmly in who we want to be, allowing our essence and our passion to rise up and encompass our world.


  1. Abby on December 18, 2013 at 6:49 PM

    XO Thank you

  2. Heather Lang on December 19, 2013 at 2:28 PM

    Yoga for sure! 🙂 Namaste, Jill!

  3. giselle on March 2, 2014 at 12:06 PM

    Thank you for the insight and encouragement. I do a lot of yoga and meditation to try to stay “anchored.”

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