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As many of you know, for the past two years now, I have been dedicating my time to working in the Akashic Records, serving women who are at a juncture where they want to make a change and shift into their next chapter connected to their intuition, their soul gifts, and their most Divine version of themselves.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records, or the “Book of Life”, is a vibrational archive – an energetic history of your soul if you will, your soul’s complete journey. Your Akashic Record holds every deed, thought, feeling, and action from each lifetime you have incarnated. Your record is made up of two distinct parts.

The first part is the energetic blueprint of your soul. This “Divine Soul Blueprint” informs you of how you receive vibrational energy from Divine source, and tells you your Soul Group of origin. Your origin is much like your birth family in this life. You may have certain shared character, personality, and physical traits. This blueprint outlines your soul’s traits, and your inherent gifts and divine potential, helping you understand who you are at soul level.

The second part of your record is the catalog of lifetimes that your soul has experienced. These are all the karmic choices and patterns that you have been carrying lifetime through lifetime.

What I do:

I am a Soul Realignment Advanced Certified Practitioner. Soul Realignment looks at your energetic Divine Soul Blueprint and then through your intention of what it is you want to uncover from this work, I go into your record and am shown the karmic patterns being held at soul level – the choices your soul has made in past lives and in this life that are showing up as blocks and restrictions for you.

Once these are brought to your attention and you are consciously aware of the choices, contracts, vows, patterns of thought and behavior, and other specific karmic pieces, we are able to set in motion a powerful clearing and healing so that you can move forward and make the necessary shifts to live an empowered and more joyful life.

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