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Awakening to Our Heart

We are all in the universal stream of life. Like the sea life and vessels that enter the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Stream and allow the current and energy wave to carry them along, we all, each of us, enter the stream and through our personal growth and development, then experience our spiritual growth in our personal journey for our soul’s awakening, our transformation. The journey is hard, the current strong and tumultuous at times, and smooth and deliberate at others. The strength and force of the current is akin to the strength and force of the contractions of a womb, tossing and turning us,  we are cradled by water as a protection to our forms.  We ride the stream…. We crest with the contractions… Our biggest transformative process is from the womb to outside, and it is our actual birth experience that holds cellular memories and that can illuminate patterns that give us clues to the way in which we deal with all transformation. The birth process repeats itself in many parallels throughout our life – each developmental phase a chance to come through a tunnel of varied light and darkness, being not a place to fear and tremble, but to embrace, as the fetus feels the warmth and comfort and is fed the nutrients to grow as well as learn to identify his whole as self. It is at that moment of rapture that we are split into soul and ego, and our life’s journey set, to reunite the two halves of self.

Our awakening process at every given step is a rebirth – through our personal birth canal. Each stage of development from a psychological point of reference is an assimilation of self, and societal constraints and expectations. Our true awakening becomes a breaking through those imposed walls of what our ego and soul has been, to a shattering of that illusion, and a return to that most early recognition of the soul and whole as the only authentic self. It is the stripping down of those years and layers of prescriptives, the shattering of all the ego driven pain and suffering, and the elements that have in conflict, made us struggle and learn our lessons, that now allow us to bare all, start anew, reincarnate so to speak as our original self. We experience such intense emotions and pain.  It is the separation of our ego self from our authentic one – as we are one. Like those contractions at our human birth, so excruciating, and stripping of all and anything but truth, we go through our own birth canal – a tunnel of images and experiences, of thoughts and feelings, of everything we can and must learn about life and ourselves. And just as in birth, we do indeed crest. But it is not with our physical body but with our heart. Our heart rides that universal stream of life and of consciousness, that current, the wave, and the energy flow. And it arrives this time not in a parent’s living and loving embrace, but in our own. We travel the path of consciousness – from our head to our heart.  We awaken to our heart, our calling, our purpose. We indeed birth our selves.

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