Life, like the ocean is a constant ebb and flow.
We are in perpetual transformation.

I once thought of my life as one big shape shift. I would shift from my role as wife to mother, to teacher to facilitator, to writer’s coach to editor, to listener to fixer, and then bounce through all over again. I wore so many hats for so many people. Somewhere in all that shape shifting I lost myself. My true shape and self were “mis” or “dis” placed. Somewhere the “I” that I desperately wanted to be existed.

I recalled my love of the sea, reconnecting to my tender years, when I would feel the salt-spray on my skin, and taste the warm waters that would envelope and soothe me as I sailed and played in Biscayne Bay. Catching the wind, feeling the strong and subtle breezes surround me, I inhaled the air that filled me with energy, clarity, and perspective. I would ride the waves - with boat and body, and navigate the seas of my life.

The water has always been my touchstone, my north star. It is what grounds me. It is what anchors me. It is what saves me. So it was no real surprise when I was looking for a name for my writing platform that I was lured by Anais Nin’s quote, “I Must Be A Mermaid… I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” My mantra: to fearlessly dive deep into the waters of life.

I am no stranger to diving deep into my soul, my inner self. As a young child I recognized and dove into my intuitive self, and the “knowing.” It began with playing cards - amazing my friends with my ability to “know” the undersides of the cards while looking at the backs. I sought out and read everything I could get my hands on to learn about and understand what I was seeing and sensing. I voraciously devoured the writings by Edgar Cayce. Experiences with past life regressions, psychics, astrologers, numerologists, energy healers, the Angels, Tarot, and Akashic Records would follow, all pointing me towards the “I” that I was searching for, and what would become my clear mission and purpose.

Finding and reclaiming our lost “I” and our power is a deep dive into one’s heart and soul. As an Intuitive Empowerment Coach I use my intuition and heart centered gifts combined with my certification as a Soul Realignment Practitioner to guide you to (re)claim authority of your life, and gain clarity and confidence while emancipating your fears and limiting beliefs.

It is the intersection of intuition, empowerment, and transformation that drives me forward to do this work - to passionately guide and help you on your journey, assisting you to align with your highest path and purpose.


Jill Alman-Bernstein

Contributing Author


  • Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner
  • Divine Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner
  • Nia White Belt

Additional Training

  • Angel Connection Course
  • Tarot and Oracle Reading Master Class
  • Conscious Breath
  • Meditation
  • Yoga - Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Restorative
  • Eden Method Essentials of Energy Medicine Course
  • MFA Theatre - Directing, Voice and Movement specialization
    (Lessac, Linklater, Alexander techniques)
  • Dance - Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Interpretive


World Changer and Outreach Ambassador for The Wellness Universe

Member of two Global Energy Healing groups