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Each day the sun rises and we begin anew. The light of the morning begins to warm our bodies and soothe our souls.  Our breath flows and we see the wonders of the universe around us. In the passage of the night we not only sleep, but dream, and restore our most delicate spirits, downloading all that we need to assess, sort out, file, and gain perspective on, giving us the opportunity to reset our hearts, and be ready to meet the morning and the next set of emotional, spiritual, and physical tests that await us.

This refresh if you will, is what enables us to bounce back from whatever we may encounter. Resilience is a key tool for our human nature. No matter what occurs in our life, we must look at the picture and take knowledge from its essence. What is it that we see? What is it that we are supposed to see?  What is the lesson that we are to take from it all? And then we must integrate that into our selves. And be it joy or pain that we feel, part of the lesson is to swallow it, digest it, learn from it, and move forward. Let it all become a part of who we are.  Let it flow into us and through us with ease and in stride.

Resilience. Rebounding. Rolling with the punches. Buoyant. These are words and phrases that all of us need to have at the forefront of our vocabulary, that guide us to be strong and determined in our quest for all that we desire. After a long day of challenges and triumphs, resting our head on our pillows and closing our eyes allows us to fall deeply into our souls, and into our selves. And in the gentle arms of the night, and under the watch of the brilliant moon and stars, we give ourselves the opportunity to refresh, so that we are ready to rise and greet the day with the rising of the next sun.


  1. Melanie on February 15, 2014 at 11:31 PM

    If only we would all take your words to heart and give our bodies and minds what we need so desperately – as a society, we are terribly sleep deprived. I know I feel the effects for days following a night of interrupted or inadequate sleep.

  2. Michelle Urbon Gogarty on February 16, 2014 at 11:36 AM

    Yes, moving forward is an important key to inner peace. Thank you for your wonderful insight.

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