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Seeing Your Life As It Is

We all see our world the way we want it to be.  We color our days with the words and images that reinforce our idea of what we think our life should be like.  But what we really need to do is see our world as it is.  This means really being in the present moment, really understanding what each moment offers.  This is what being present is about -opening your eyes – opening your heart – opening every cell in your body to whatever the experience you are living may be.

I am on a morning walk.  I am standing in the woods – it is about 32 degrees and I am scanning my world.  The sky is gray, it is cloudy, but I can see light coming through at certain places where the clouds break.  The road is still wet from the rain and I can actually hear the roar of the ocean from here.  I had honestly never noticed that before, or maybe because it is so quiet, so still, I can.  There are brown leaves on the trees – and there are some evergreens… I am taking stock of my world.

Taking stock of our world and our life is so important. At various times of our lives we look at where we are – how far we have come, and which of our dreams, goals, and desires have been attained, seeing our life as it is.  This also means seeing our relationships as they are –as they exist in this moment – not how they were, not how we want them to be, but as they are.  And that is very, very hard to do – but we have to do that in order to be in the present and live each moment.

So then it really becomes about acceptance. Let’s back up to look and see what has to be done to get to that place. First, you have to have clarity of vision so you can see what you have been doing.  Just know that everything is part of your life’s lessons and experiences.

So if you are not happy about something, if you don’t think you behaved in an appropriate way, if you don’t like the outcomes, whatever it is, release the expectations, let it go, and then forgive yourself.  Because there is nothing else except this moment.  It is such an easy choice to make – to just live in the moment – but you have to forget about preconceived notions, and you must allow yourself to just stand in the now.   Take a deep breath…breathe it in – breathe in the air, breathe in the wonder of life, breathe in all of the stuff that is so important to your living presently.   And then look around you and see not just what the world looks like in your house, or in your job, or outside in nature, but who is showing up for you.  Look at who is really showing up for you and how are they showing up for you.  You have to just accept those relationships for what they are – your friends, family, children, partners, spouses…whoever it is in your life -you have to see them for who they are and what they are willing and able to give to you.  Again, not an easy thing to do.  I, as we all do, have many relationships in my life.  Some of those cause me great frustration.  Perhaps I expect too much – perhaps I want more than someone is willing to give – be it time, commitment to the friendship, commitment to our relationship.  I am working really hard at seeing those people for who they are and what they are capable of giving.

Seeing your life as it is allows you to live more fully.  It enables you to see your life through the lens of truth. I saw the Broadway show Pippin last night – which is essentially about seeing the greatness of your life as it is. That sometimes what is in front of you is the most extraordinary of all. It was a message from the universe.

So take another deep breath…inhale just what is here – just what is here now, and then let it go.  Close your eyes for a moment and when you open them, see the world with a new clear eye, a new clear mind, a new clear heart.  Open your eyes and really see and feel and breathe and experience, presently, in the now, in the moment.


  1. Heather on January 6, 2014 at 7:40 AM

    We all must practice this everyday to get to a point where we do it almost automatically…consciously automatic. 🙂

  2. giselle on March 2, 2014 at 12:02 PM

    Working on this one. Releasing expectation is such an important part of living in the moment.

  3. Trece on July 19, 2014 at 7:15 PM

    “Pippin” is another one of the seminal chunks of my past. Went to see it in NY and ever after, I cry my way thru it.

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