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Shifting to Our Higher Self

I read somewhere that each incarnation is just a different aspect of our self, perhaps another version, or even a better vestige of who we are meant to be.  It is an interesting perspective with regard to past lives.  That with each lifetime, we become more invested in our soul and its journey, exploring unknowingly each contract and path, with an open heart and eye, and with the knowledge that all of our aspects will in the end come together, and we will evolve into one enlightened being, that we will fold or merge in to our higher self.

I have this image of multiple me’s. Like when you stand between two mirrors – a mirror in front of you and behind you – you can see a hundred images of yourself, each fragmented in your limited perception, as you cannot fully see every one of you.  I began to think of the soul as an accordion.  Each fold another experience, another aspect, age.   Each fold when compressed produces a unique unto itself resonation that bellows and imprints deeply and in totality. Complete with sound and multiple vibrations, our goal in ascension is to ultimately close the accordion – it is our human instrument and we must fold in all the layers of who we are into our higher self and one compact yet multi dimensional being of light.

Many writers, healers, and teachers speak about the higher self. It is what guides us. It is the intuitive one that knows which path we are to take and what we must learn. It guides us with or perhaps as one of our angels or spirit guides – and with certainty, it allows us to hear the voice of the aspect of us that is further along, more ascended.

It is in the moment we know that we have made a shift that we can hear that voice. Sometimes the shift is so clear. You feel a subtle release of energy – it is the release of whatever is blocking you from moving forward. Perhaps it happens when you are standing open armed to the sun, or walking on the beach, or hiking in the wide- open desert, or lying quietly in a meditative bath. You might be listening to soothing music or just watching flickering candlelight.  But wherever it happens, everything is so still. In the silence you begin to hear it – the narration from your higher self. The more enlightened dimension of you, it is helping to point out what you know in your heart. But then just when you think you can breathe easy – you find yourself holding your breath. You have been clinging to something so tightly with your intellect.  Whatever it is, is pulling you and telling you not to let it go – or not to let it go that way, that there is another plan that was written. You remind yourself to breathe. You place one hand on your chest and one on your belly. You ask for guidance from that higher self.  You ask to release the pain or the fear of letting it go. You attempt to fold in the layers, release the pieces that are truly unnecessary for you to hold on to. You make first one subtle shift and then another, until you have traversed the folds as if they were the stairs of a beautiful and seemingly endless staircase spiraling up in to not the heavens, but in to your own consciousness, where every breath is pure and filled with the stillness that lays deeply in your heart.

So much work has to be done to ascend those stairs, and seamlessly arrive at one’s highest aspect. We strive to make the subtle shifts, to feel that feeling – the letting go, releasing what is old and of no use to us, releasing feelings that only serve to hold us in a place that we know we can no longer be. And as we clear through our obstacles, all of the sudden we perceive the lesson with a new understanding and we move through the barrier that stands between the “us” today and the ascended “us”. That accordion releases a powerful and vibrant tone. And we find ourselves standing purely, proudly in our truth.

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  1. Melanie on February 15, 2014 at 11:45 PM

    Wow! Incredibly powerful words and images. And I’m so looking forward to releasing some energy that has been blocking me for quite some time. Perhaps I just need to embrace the stillness that I covet. Thanks for the beautifully guided imagery – your words really come to life here – your blog is like therapy for the weary mind….

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