Your Divine Creative Expression starts here

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You are the powerful creator of your life experience.

Soul Realignment is an intuitive healing modality that utilizes the Akashic Records to unlock your Soul-level potential.

The Akashic Records, or the “Book of Life”, is an energetic history of your soul, it’s complete journey. It holds every deed, thought, feeling, and action from each lifetime you have incarnated. Each set of records is made up of two distinct parts: the energetic blueprint of the soul outlining divine potential, and then the catalogue of lifetimes experienced.

As a Soul Realignment Practitioner, I look at your energetic Divine Soul Blueprint - who you are at soul level: your divine soul nature, your essence, gifts, and talents. Then I look at and clear the karmic patterns being held at soul level - the choices your soul has made in past lives and in this life that are showing up as blocks and restrictions for you.

Your private Soul Realignment Reading with me is designed to help you:

  • Clear karmic patterns, blocks, and restrictions that are being held at soul level and are affecting your life choices and direction
  • Uncover, understand, and express your divine gifts and soul purpose
  • Develop options for making decisions and choices that are in alignment with who you are at soul level
  • Get attuned to new possibilities of action that will bring you fulfillment, joy, and transformation
  • Understand yourself for optimum manifesting to begin to live the life you truly desire
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