In your mind’s eye, things can not be clearer. If you open the veil to your inner soul, you will find your deepest truth. It is a vast landscape for all your dreams and wishes. It is a place where you can connect to your spirit guides, your angels, and your highest self. It begins with a pin hole, a faint hint of something extraordinary, and opens to a midnight blue silky sky where stars shine and moons alight. Your heart opens to depths of waters where shadows transform into dolphins that mirror as twins, revealing that all is but a reflection of what you yourself project. You have never been so pure, or so vulnerable, or so confident and strong. You now have the keys to all that is beautiful and magnificent within you. And you must discover and explore and become what and who you are meant to be. All is translucent, and transcendence has never been more possible.


  1. Holly Dietrick on August 4, 2021 at 11:42 AM

    Beautiful! Beautifully said! So Inspiring! Thank you for you!

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