Work With Me

Divine self expression doesn’t just happen. We have to choose it.

When we make a small shift, when we make a new choice that is congruent to our divine self expression - who we are at soul level, we immediately witness abundance in one area of our life.

Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing: $333

Divine Soul Blueprint, overall Soul Profile, identify and communicate Past and present life karma patterns creating blocks and restrictions, clear all negatives held at soul level.

Includes my preparation work in the Akashic Records, a 90 minute reading
and consultation, “Homework” as part of the clearing process, and a 30
minute Follow Up call.

Divine Soul Blueprint Reading: $111

Who you are at Soul level. Information and understanding about your divine nature, gifts, and talents. Insight will provide you with the opportunity to see and make new choices that are congruent to your foundational blueprint, allowing you to more fully live your divine self expression (who you are at soul level.)

Includes my preparation work in the Akashic Records and a 45 minute reading and consultation.

Intuitive Empowerment Session: $111

Intuitive guidance to enlighten and empower.

Initial session, 75 minutes.

Intuitive Empowerment Coaching Package: $435

4 60 minute sessions of guidance to help you stay aligned and on track with your gifts, purpose, and goals.

Manifest Blueprint Reading: $111

(available after Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing)
Blueprint roadmap of how you are designed to manifest, and how you actually are experiencing and expressing yourself in the various aspects and areas of your life.

Includes preparation of your blueprint and a 60 minute reading and consultation.

Property Clearing: $44

Clearing of land and dwelling; can only be performed if you rent or own the property.

Instructions for your part in the clearing will be e-mailed to you.

Soul Chat: $67

30 minute phone or video chat about where you are in your personal and spiritual development. Intuitive guidance, grounding strategies, and breathwork exercises to help you connect to your soul and empower you to step into your divine self expression.

* All sessions are done via telephone or skype.
To book a session or reading, please e-mail me at or use the contact form.